The voice of your customers. Analyzed. In one click.

Customers have feedback spread all over the place on your products and services.
We collect it, we analyze it, and we make it relevant for your business.


Why Better World

It all started when Daniel, our co-founder & CEO, took a cab, and discussed with his driver, Jean.

Jean had just bought his brand new car.
It was beautiful, comfortable,…

But he couldn’t mount his phone onto the cockpit,
which he used for Waze navigation. Because of that, he sold his car.

And the worst: the car maker never heard about that.

We decided to collect and analyze the feedbacks of all the Jean, so that all Product teams know what goes on the nerves of their customers and what makes them fall in love with their products.

An end-to-end feedback analytics technology, relying on our world-leading proprietary AI / NLP algorithms

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We collect mass feedback, in real time. Offline, online and through connected devices. About you and your competitors.

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We analyze it with our world-leading proprietary AI / Natural Language Processing algorithms. 100+ languages covered.

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We make it accessible to your teams in one click, along business use-cases.


The Industries we serve


The use-cases we support


Define specifications of your new products / new versions of your existing products (B2C, B2B).


Improve the efficiency of your factories, leveraging the insights of your operators.


Adjust your service level to the expectations of your customers. Improve your salesforce effectiveness.


Detect quality incidents faster, to enable early corrective actions.

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We are unique

We are industry-specific 
Industry-specific data sources, ontologies, and AI-training, enabling world-leading performance levels.

We enable competitive benchmarking
Fine-grained product / service detection, for you and your competitors.

Our solution is end-to-end and open
From feedback collection until delivery of its AI-based analysis. Possibility to analyze also your already existing data.

We combine Artificial Intelligence
with Human Intelligence

We combine our human expertise of the industry, relying on teams formerly working at the Boston Consulting Group, with our deep-trained AI.

Better World helped us identify and quantify customer pains we underestimated, thanks to their Automotive Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).
— Product Manager, International car maker, Automotive industry

Business benefits, with measurable ROI

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Better market fit
Build products and services your clients love

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Better training of your sales teams
Train salesteams on USPs seen by real customers

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Development and manufacturing cost reduction
Focus your R&D on customer expectations


More focused marketing campaigns
Focus your marketing campaigns on your perceived strengths


Market research cost reduction
Stop contracts with lower ROI than Better World

They trust us

The following institutions are trusting Better World, within Impact Connected Car Program - European Union Horizon 2020 - Agreement N° 731343


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