The voice of your customers. Analyzed. In one click.

Customers have feedback spread all over the place on your products.
We collect it, we analyze it, and we make it relevant for your business.



Once upon a time

It all started when…

Daniel, our founder, was taking a taxi and met his driver, Jean. Jean had just bought his brand new car. It was beautiful very comfortable and had all options… But he couldn’t mount his phone,
which he used for Waze Navigation, to the cockpit.
He sold his car and switched to the competitor.
And you know the worst part ? The car maker never heard about it.

We decided to collect the feedbacks of all the Jean, so that your Product team will know what goes on the nerves of your customers and what makes
them happy !


An end-to-end feedback analytics solution

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We collect mass feedback, everywhere, in real time

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We analyze it with kick-ass

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We make it accessible to your teams in one click


The voice of your customers in one click

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Identify instantly the pain-points of your product, seen by your customers


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Compare the satisfaction of your products vs. your competition

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Understand why your customers are (dis-)satisfied


Increase your business performance


Market share increase

Better product-market fit
- Focus R&D investments on painpoints
identified by customers
- Identify innovative ideas and trends

Customer attraction
- Focus marketing campaigns
on positive points identified
by customers. 

Customer retention
- Engage clients in a valuating relationship
with the brand



Cost Reduction

Development and manufacturing cost reduction
- Remove equipment not used / appreciated by customers
(e.g. cruise control on a city car)

Market research cost reduction
- Stop / rescope market research contracts
with lower ROI than Better World


   We are unique 

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We are industry-specific 
We reach highest performance by “deep-training” our AI on one specific industry’s language.

We are user-centric
We bring you real feedback of real users.

We are product-focused
We tell you what your users think about your products.

Our solution is end-to-end
From feedback collection until delivery of its AI-based analysis to the right stakeholder.

We combine Artificial Intelligence
with Human Intelligence

We guaranty you the best understanding of your customers feedback by coupling our expertise of the industry with our deep-trained AI.


Contact Us

62, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Paris 1er, France


telephone :+33 6 17 81 33 93